A2Z Filtration Specialities consists of a team of young, dynamic, experienced professionals, all of whom are Engineers and Specialists in the field of Design, Development, Manufacturing and Installation of Filter Machinery.


    • blade pleater
      • intelligent blade pleater
      • automatic blade pleater
      • economy blade pleater
    • rotary pleater
      • servo rotary pleater
      • dimple rotary pleater
      • pleat lock rotary pleater
      • star rotary pleater
      • zigzag rotary pleater
      • conventional rotary pleater
    • mini pleater
      • mini pleat blade pleater
      • mini pleat rotary pleater
    • panel filter line
    • cabin air filter line
    • pusher bar pleater
      • pneumatic pusher bar pleater
      • servo pusher bar pleater
    • coil filter winding machine
    • seam seal equipment
    • ribbon spacer blade pleater
    • pleat pitching system
    • cross cutter
      • automatic cross cutter
      • semi automatic cross cutter
      • manual cross cutter
      • pleat crest cutter
    • ovens
      • gas fired oven
      • electric oven
      • industrial curing oven
      • chamber type oven
      • screen printing curing oven
      • shrink wrapping oven
      • conveyorized curing oven
    • expanded metal line
      • expanded metal machine
      • sheet decoiler
      • sheet recoiler
      • sheet straightener
      • shearing machine
      • sheet flattening roll
      • inline longitudinal sheet slitter
    • seaming machine
      • automatic seaming machine
      • inward seaming machine
      • outward seaming machine
      • j-hook seaming machine
    • yarn winding machines
      • servo yarn winding machine
      • mechanical yarn winding machine
    • laminators
    • adhesive dispenser
    • tap plate bead dispenser
    • carousels
    • corrugating machines
    • clipping machine
    • embedding machine
    • expander
    • filter winding machine
    • gasket feeder
    • gasket gluing machine
    • h-clip crimping machine
    • media folding & automatic spacer insertion machine
    • nano pleater
    • oil applicator
    • ovens
      • conveyorized curing system
      • industrial hot plate
      • industrial curing oven chamber type
      • industrial curing conveyor type oven-electric
      • gas fired oven
      • screen printing curing oven
      • shrink wrap oven
    • perforation press
    • seam lock machine
    • slitters rewinder
      • simplex slitter rewinders
      • duplex slitter rewinders
    • spiral hot melt applicators
    • spiral tube making machine
    • spot welding machine
    • tube rolling machines
    • yarn fiber winding machine
      • servo yarn winding machine
      • mechanical yarn winding machine
    • end caps
    • panel Sets
    • rubber components
    • glass-nylon glass filled nylon 6 moulded caps
    • aluminium-caps cast aluminium caps
    • moulded parts
    • spininig
    • wire and weld mesh cages
    • spiral tubes
    • weld mesh steel &GI mesh
    • perforated support tubes
    • perforated paper
    • plastic venturies
    • accumulator
    • manual splicing system
    • decoiler
    • in-line slitter
    • pleat pack breaker
    • pleat pack cutter

    • air permeability & pore size testing apparatus
    • beating & freeness tester
    • consistency determination apparatus
    • digital automatic burst strength tester
    • digital tensile strength tester
    • digital ph meter
    • filter bubble point tester
    • fluff tester
    • hand sheet former
    • laboratory valley beater
    • laboratory oven
    • liquid flow filter leak test bench
    • pulp disintegrater
    • stiffness tester
    • sheet drying cylinder
    • air permeability &pore size testing apparatus
    • consistency determinations apparatus
    • test contaminants

Schmid Corporation
Spartanburg, SC


Manufacturers of
Converting and
Related Machinery


dynamic and experienced design, production and installation teams

state of the art solidworks® 3D design software for design & simulation of equipment

build to print options for customer specified designs

components and parts from leading global suppliers to achieve a distinctive durable and globally serviceable product

easy availability of components and spares for trouble free maintenance

tailor made solutions for optimal performance

specialized training

easy reference and pictorial manuals


A2Z is ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV SUD AMERICA INC and is financially rated by CRISIL (the Indian affiliate of Standard & Poors).

Based on our years of experience in setting up filter production lines, A2Z has built up the ability to not only provide Individual Components and Stand-Alone Equipment, but Total Turnkey Solutions for the production of various types of filters.


What Makes A2Z Filtration So Successful and Our Products So Popular?

Ability to conceptualize and design product lines

Work with partners to develop the fit for purpose lines

Durable lines with ease of maintenance

Easy availability of spares and replacement parts globally

Designed to keep production costs low by efficient use of line production materials

Pictorial & annotated manuals for easy reference for your production staff

Experienced installation teams

Hands on training and trouble shooting for consistent & effective production



Schmid Corporation • Sales, Service & Support for USA and Canada





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