The Schmid Corporation Specializes in Sales & Service for:

    • Filter Pleating Machinery:
      • Offering a Wide Range of Types and Sizes
      • Knife and Rotary Pleaters
      • Pleating Machines for ALL Types of Media
      • Specialty Pleating Machines, such as for Applications Requiring In-Line Gluing and Stabilization Strips
      • Automatic In-Line Cross Cutting and other Specialty Automation Requirements
      • Pleating Machinery Accessories such as Equipment for Winding, Pre-Heating, Cooling, Slitting and Cross Cutting
    • Metal Clipping Machinery:
      • Equipment to Attach and Crimp Metal for Filter Cylinder Forming
      • Easy to Adjust
      • Automatic Operation
    • Side Gluing Machinery:
      • Equipment for Gluing Strips on the Top, Bottom and/or Sides of Filters
      • Automatic Operation
    • Gasket Machinery:
      • Equipment for Forming and Processing Gasket Seals on Filters
      • Custom Designed and Built to Customer Specifications
    • Other Filter Manufacturing Equipment includes:
      • Cylinder Glue Seaming Equipment
      • Slitting and Cutting Equipment
      • Pack Pressing Equipment and Pleating Equipment

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